Waxing Tips

Brazilian, Bikini or Bikini Wax 

We recommend 3 to 4 weeks from your last wax or shave. This will ensure you the best results possible. Hair growth works in cycles, so waiting the 3 weeks will ensure all hair is exposed. If to short, you may experience more of a tug, the hair will come back sooner and the service may need to be rescheduled.

Before Waxing Tips:

  •  We recommend that you avoid caffeine or nicotine the day of your service. Caffeine and nicotine constricts the blood vessels and makes you much more sensitive.

  • If you’d like, please take two Ibuprofen to reduce inflammation and to take the edge off. Makes for a more comfortable/ easier wax.

  • No trimming, we prefer to handle this for you, if it is necessary


Cancellations, No-shows, Rescheduling, &Deposits

  • We ask that all cancellations and rescheduling be made at least 24hours in advance of the time of your scheduled appointment and can be made by phone, text, email, online or in person. If you have confirmed your appointment (by any of the options above) and then do not arrive at the appointed time, Pink Cherry may deem it necessary to charge a cancellation fee. Frequent last minute cancellations and failures to appear may result in a deposit being necessary for all future appointments.

  • Deposit are nonrefundable/Deposit are transferable if appointment is rescheduled w/ 24 hrs notice: otherwise deposit becomes cancellation fee

  • Excessive no-shows to appointments may lead to Full Deposits on services or a ban on scheduling future appointments

Eyelash Tips

  • Arrive with Clean Naked/ Bare Lashes and eyes: Wash lashes and eyes with Mild Oil-Free Cleanser No later than 1 hour prior to your appointment. No eye makup/ Mascara: 12 hours prior is ideal.

  • 5$ Fee for Dirty Lash Cleaning charge: Cleaning time may take up time for service

  • Please arrive without Contact Lenses: Avoid Contacts for 24 hrs if its your first time to avoid any reactions

  • Avoid Caffeine for 6 hours before appointment: Caffeine quickens themovement of your eyes which will hinder our ability to apply lashesperfectly and effeciently

  • Lashes Naturally Shed Everyday
    (more than 3 per day) 20% off Lash extensions every week.

  • Very important to keep up with fills every 2-3 weeks (from last appointment)
    2 weeks= Lash Fill                                                                3 Weeks=Lash fill + Fill Plus                                             4 weeks Between fills = NEW SET

  • At Pink Cherry we provide the optimal environment for your eyelash appointment. Once you leave our facility you assume the responsibility of  taking care of your investment. There are a number of factors to take into consideration to prolong the retention of your eyelash extensions. We cannot be held responsible for outside elements that may cause damage to your eyelashes. (weather, allergies, negligence are some of the many factors)

5 Min. Grace Period

  • At Pink Cherry, we prefer that all guests arrive on time for their appointments. If you are running more than 5 minutes late, your appointed Aesthetician may deem it necessary to reschedule your appointment as this will impact the time available for subsequent appointments. Keep in mind, if you are running behind, it causes the entire salon to run behind for the rest of the day. Late arrivals may also incur a cancellation fee. If you are pressed for time, you are encouraged to notify your appointed Aesthetician by calling the Front Desk at 702-751-4929, and they will do their best to accommodate your circumstance.