Kind Of Wax:


Brazilain Wax Is:


Bikini Wax Is:


Brow Design Is:


Brow Tinting Is:


Nose & Ears:


Wax Men:


Men's Bikini:


How Long it takes:


How Long It Lasts:


Hair Lenght:


Ingrown Hairs:






#1: Make sure you have the recommended 4 weeks of growth... this will ensure you the best results possible

#2: Take two Ibuprofen an hour before your visit, this will help minimize any possible inflammation.

#3: Avoid Caffeine, Nicotine and Stress before your visit.  These substances and situations tend to make you more sensitive.

#4: The best time to wax is the week after your menstrual cycle, this is when you are least sensitive from hormones.